Strawberry Laser

Getting the body of your dreams can feel like a nightmare. Even with perfect diet and exercise habits, trimming that one stubborn spot—or maybe more than one—can feel like it’s never going to happen. If you have just had a baby you may know this feeling even more so. Everything feels like it’s sagging, bagging and relocated to the wrong place on your body. While recovery after a baby, or tackling your trouble zones in the gym does take time, there’s a new, faster, painless way to see results.

With the Strawberry Laser now you can say goodbye to stubborn fat. Ideal for men and women (yes men are always welcome) the Strawberry Laser laser targets fat cells deep below the skin’s surface and shrinks them. As the cells begin to release their contents it is processed and moved out for disposal by the body’s lymphatic system. The Strawberry Laser doesn’t destroy fat cells, but rather makes them smaller and less likely to refill with a sensible diet and exercise plan.

Enjoy Additional Benefits with the Strawberry Laser

And to help you keep off those inches Strawberry Laser, you’ll receive a free one year membership to the 80/20 Nondiet Program a healthy eating and fitness plan  with the purchase of a Strawberry Laser treatment package. The 80/20 Program  teaches you how to give up diets forever in favor or healthy, whole foods that keep you fit and feeling great without deprivation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strawberry Laser

We know you may still have a few questions about Strawberry Laser. Here are the answers to a few we hear most often:

No. Sessions last 20-30 minutes and are totally painless. After a session we recommend you drink plenty of water and try to get in a workout to help flush your body of the session’s byproducts for the best results.

No. The Strawberry Laser Strawberry laser targets just the fat cells. There’s no risk to your skin or even the blood vessels and tissues that support your fat cells.

The Strawberry Laser can treat many different areas of the body where there are fat deposits. This includes the back, thighs, bottom, love handles and stomach.

To learn more about Strawberry Laser’s technology, or to schedule your free consultation, contact our office today at (718) 275-7200, or visit our special website dedicated to Strawberry Laser. We are proud to serve much of the New York City area including Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester.