20 11, 2015

Pelvic Pain

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Solutions for pelvic pain Chronic pelvic pain can make life miserable, and it’s one of the most challenging women’s health issues for doctors to diagnose and treat effectively. With the ongoing discomfort, abnormal bleeding, painful intercourse and other problems that can accompany it, pelvic pain can be frustrating and tough to deal with for any [...]

20 11, 2015

Family Planning

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When planning for a family... Family planning is about birth control. The method you choose depends on your health, frequency of sexual activity and whether you want children. When choosing among birth control methods, you should consider: Availability – Can you use it without a prescription or office visit? Cost – Can you afford it? Effectiveness – How well will it [...]

20 11, 2015

Abnormal Bleeding

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Solutions for abnormal bleeding Whether it’s heavy, painful periods or bleeding between cycles or after menopause, abnormal bleeding could be a sign of a serious problem. You don’t have to tolerate it or spend your energy worrying about what’s wrong. Dr. Hessel is here to help with the latest in patient-friendly gynecologic medicine, along with [...]