10 07, 2013

Leaking urine after delivery: pelvic weakness common postpartum

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I gave up jumping on trampolines years ago. Aside from the fact that I’m getting older and they make me motion sick for some reason that just doesn’t make sense, I can’t keep from peeing on myself every time I jump. You may have experienced something like this yourself. Maybe you’re the girl who can’t [...]

11 06, 2013

June is World Fertility Month, part 3 of 4

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We can talk about causes and medical topics in a bit, but right now it’s a great time to recognize June as World Fertility Month.  Originally designed to help policy makers, healthcare leaders and patient advocates actively engage in activities that support infertility research and developments, it has reached far from the United States and [...]

19 02, 2013

You’re not supposed to really eat for two: how to manage your weight during pregnancy

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When I was pregnant, I craved sub sandwiches.  I remember the guy behind the counter asking me if I wanted ice cream on it. Obviously, he didn’t understand the wrath of a near-term pregnant woman and her love for food. I suppose there are worse things to long for than veggie-covered sandwiches and many women [...]

17 01, 2013

Getting Dad Involved in Labor

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Decades ago, dads paced impatiently in the lobby while their babies were brought into the world, passing out cigars and slaps on the back when their little bundle arrived. But today, the scene is much different and men are front-and-center in the delivery room.  Some prefer to stand as far from the action as possible, [...]

29 11, 2012

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy, Part 1

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This guest post is written by Kelley Ward, PhD., RN,C. You were probably diagnosed with type 1 diabetes years ago. By now, you know how to manage your blood sugar, count your carbohydrates, and take care of your eyes and kidneys. If you are confident that you can control your diabetes and you are thinking [...]

21 05, 2012

Pregnant? Protect Yourself and Your Baby from Infectious Disease

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Infectious diseases can hit close to home There are certain things every pregnant woman must do – some are no-brainers and some are more complex. You do everything possible to protect your unborn baby – you give up alcohol, high heeled shoes, sit ups, and certain medicines. But what do you do about infectious diseases? The [...]