10 07, 2013

Leaking urine after delivery: pelvic weakness common postpartum

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I gave up jumping on trampolines years ago. Aside from the fact that I’m getting older and they make me motion sick for some reason that just doesn’t make sense, I can’t keep from peeing on myself every time I jump. You may have experienced something like this yourself. Maybe you’re the girl who can’t [...]

5 06, 2013

Prenatal Massage Do’s and Don’ts

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There’s something so soothing about a massage. And, it’s even nicer when you are sore and aching or just worn out from pregnancy. Sure there are those women out there who jog or do aerobics with a smile on their face for the entire 9 months, but for the rest of us, it’s just not [...]

21 05, 2013

Diagnosing Infertility: Part two of four

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Infertility isn’t really a diagnosis in and of itself but instead refers to another medical problem that can make it hard to have a baby.  For some men and women getting a diagnosis is impossible. About 20% of all couples who are unable to have a baby never find out why. Everything appears to be [...]

14 05, 2013

Causes of Infertility Part One of Four

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Infertility is a general term for a wide variety of medical conditions that make it hard for couples to have a baby. Problems getting pregnant can come from the woman, the man, or both and a couple may be labeled (I hate labels by the way) infertile when there’s no pregnancy after a year of [...]

1 05, 2013

Five Tips for Better Breast Feeding

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If you have decided to breast feed your newborn, congratulations! What many mothers believe will be an easy and effortless task, may prove to be more challenging that they ever imagined.  A few simple tips can help eliminate frustrations for mom and baby, all while encouraging bonding and providing baby with perfect nutrition. […]

24 04, 2013

Cord Blood Banking: Weighing the Cost

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From the moment you hold your newborn in your arms, you are in love.  In that first instant, as you take in your baby’s face the last thing you are thinking about is a future illness.  Unfortunately, illness is a reality– and many parents are turning to their own newborns for a possible cure for [...]

10 04, 2013

Sexual Activity During Pregnancy

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Well, let’s face it. For most of you, sex is what got you to where you are today (pregnant, I mean). And if you are, there’s no reason to stop sexual activity now. Many women and couples worry that sex isn’t safe for the baby and while there are situations where sex isn’t safe, for [...]

3 04, 2013

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

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If you sit by your television long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll run across an ad for the biggest, and the best exercise program. Something sure to get you ripped and strong in thirty days, rip your booty or stretch your body in ways you never thought it could.  And while those programs are [...]

29 03, 2013

I can’t throw up any more! Managing hyperemesis in pregnancy

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It’s a strange sensation—that overwhelming wave of pregnancy nausea that hits you out of nowhere. You throw up, and then you’re looking for a snack almost simultaneously. How is that possible? There’s no doubt that morning sickness (or night sickness, or around-the-clock sickness) can be an inconvenience for some women, but for others it’s a [...]