What goes on in the bedroom is often a difficult subject to bring up at a doctor’s appointment.  Many patients are simply unsure of how to approach their physician with their sexual performance struggles.  Some people believe that sexual dysfunction is simply a part of aging or something that just has to be accepted.  When in reality, nothing may be further from the truth.
Sexual struggles for both men and women are not a normal part of the aging process.  There are a variety of factors that may influence sexual performance including mental stressors, marital problems and even pharmaceutical influences from medications.  In some cases, there may be a true physical development that alters the sexual response—like hormonal changes.   No matter the reason, suffering from romantic difficulties does not have to be a part of your life.
For many people, the fear of discussing the issue often drives them to find an alternative method of addressing the problem.  A quick trip to the drugstore or the local supermarket will provide a variety of different resources that claim to help solve erectile dysfunction or make a sexual experience more gratifying through the use of herbal or natural supplements.  But don’t be fooled–in reality, herbs, vitamins and other natural remedies can be extremely dangerous to your healthcare regimen.
Never to be overlooked as harmless, these drugs often contain unregulated amounts of ingredients that can interact with other prescription medications and can cause serious injury or even death.  In the specific case of sexual dysfunction products, studies have shown that the majority actually contain the same ingredients found in many prescription erectile dysfunction medications, but companies fail to properly label packaging as such to avoid litigation by regulatory agencies like the FDA.
In fact, one study conducted in the United States found that 48% of these types of supplements sold over the counter did in fact contain a concoction of higher- than -recommended amounts of the same medications sold by prescription for sexual dysfunction.  Fancy advertising and false medical claims have mistakenly led many people to their local store looking for an option that could even cost them their life.   “Natural” erectile dysfunction supplements were reported to have been responsible for 10 deaths in men in Singapore as well.
Mixing any herbal supplements without consulting a physician is a dangerous practice.  No matter if you are looking for something to boost your mood, or another part of your body– understand that not all claims found on the box should be taken seriously.  Often found in tiny print on the back is the sentence “these claims have not been substantiated by the FDA…” or something similar in effect.
So before you jump on the herbal ED bandwagon, consider what would be the most effective and safest remedy. Click here to make an appointment to talk with Dr. Hessel and if needed, obtain a prescription for a safe, approved alternative that can help turn your sexual difficulties around.