avon walk for breast cancerChances are that you know someone who has been directly affected by breast cancer. Maybe it’s you–sitting there right now. Maybe you’re finishing treatment or have just been diagnosed and you’re hoping for a bright future ahead. There’s still much research to be done to win the battle against breast cancer, but I want to encourage you to be a part of that effort through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. There are lots of great breast cancer awareness and fundraising events going on all across the country almost constantly, so Avon’s walk isn’t your only option, but it could beĀ  a great way to join in the fight.

What is the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer?

Starting in September, 2014 walkers can trek up to 39 miles in a weekend while raising money for screenings, research, cancer support, education and more–but don’t worry–the walk is designed to be fun and interactive with great meals, lots of support from Avon’s volunteer staff and time with others who care about the cause.

Women and men who walk gather donations. These donations are used by Avon to fund breast cancer programs and offer treatment access to patients who may not have it otherwise–a key component of a healthy life and early detection. Since the walk started in 2003, more than $500 million dollars has been raised for the cause and helps underserved women get mammograms , research labs get important supplies, and low-income patients get transportation to and from medical appointments.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy! Visit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer homepage and register for the city you’re closest to–or that you’ve always wanted to see and make it a trip to remember! You can choose from locations including Santa Barbara, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Boston and more. 80% of the money raised during the walk stays in the city where the walk is held.

I can’t walk very far–can I still participate?

Absolutely. There’s no requirement that says you have to walk the full mileage at the event. Just complete your fundraising efforts then come out and walk as long as you’d like–enjoying healthy meals, plenty of rest breaks, and a fun time along the way.

There is lots of helpful, inspiring information on the walk website–drop by and take a look at the videos and other inspiring details that will have you lacing up your walking shoes in no time. Plan your trip today!