Do you text? Today mobile users are accessing the web as much as (and sometimes more often) than desktop users and healthcare organizations, doctors and websites of all kinds respond with mobile-friendly applications and programs to keep you on task.

We are all busy–and that’s why it’s more important to get the information you need and get on with your day.

Looking for health news at your fingertips? Try these phone and tablet-friendly programs for your daily dose of healthy.

Healthy Pregnancy: Text4baby: This award winning government program provides pregnant moms and women with babies up to one year of age with regular texts highlighting health tips, parenting information, developmental information and much more.

Smoking Cessation: Research has proven that a solid support system is essential for smoking cessation and SmokefreeTXT is a great way to stay accountable. The program is spearheaded by the National Cancer Institute and sends out regular texts with tips, motivation, cessation facts and encouragement to help you stay on task. You can find out more here.

Mobile health alerts: Are you staying ahead of flu season? Maybe you want to know more about whooping cough or other infectious disease outbreaks in your area. If so, check out the CDC’s Health Alerts On-The-Go. Visit their mobile site to stay ahead of H1N1, seasonal flu, public health emergencies and more.

Emergency response and preparedness: From natural disasters to man-made emergencies, staying aware in a disaster situation can make all the difference. The program is currently used on a volunteer basis by each state and offers timely information on hurricanes and floods with plans to implement additional programs for chemical, biological and nuclear disasters in the future. Find out more here.