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Live a longer and healthier life with exercise

It’s that time of the year – the holiday aftermath. We have been both blessed and stressed, relaxed and busy. After cleaning up the wrapping paper and taking down your decorations – it’s time for a fresh start. With the new year, we all make resolutions that most likely include exercise, taking time for yourself, and improving your overall health and wellness. Now is the best time—well, it’s as good as any other time if you want to get picky about it–to resolve to make positive changes. Get ready to put yourself on the right track to being happier and healthier, and it might just save your life.

Exercise may help reduce the occurrence of some types of female cancers

Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women (following breast, lung and colorectal) and it is the leading cause of death from cancer of the female reproductive organs. What causes it? The answer is mostly unknown—a family history of the disease can be an indicator. It is also known that one of the most important things any woman can do to reduce their risk of cancer is to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.

Exercise can decrease hormone levels and help lower breast cancer risk. It not only reduces your risk of ovarian and breast cancers, but cancers of the cervix and uterus as well. Increasing how much you exercise can also reduce your risk of developing other diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and other forms of cancer.

“Exercise is the magic pill,” says Michael R. Bracko of the American College of Sports Medicine. “Exercise can literally cure diseases like some forms of heart disease, it helps to prevent and recover from some forms of cancer, it helps people with arthritis, and helps to prevent and reverse depression.”

Even though you might love it, health isn’t in a pill you pop into your mouth each morning – you have to get moving and keep moving. Find your inspiration. For some, the drive to exercise is disease prevention. After seeing a friend or family member suffer from a disease, you make the decision to stay healthy and avoid that path. It could be overall well being – feeling better about the way you move, look, and feel. Perhaps its an upcoming event, a wedding, a vacation, or keeping up with your kids or grandkids – whatever your motivation, now is the time to get started.

Your options are numerous, and you may consider activities like:

  • walking
  • running
  • dancing
  • yoga
  • biking
  • hiking,  and even gardening

Choose something you enjoy, find a partner to keep you accountable and begin a new routine. The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate activity or exercise– like walking — five days a week to maintain a healthy heart. Even five, ten, or fifteen minutes count –don’t shy away from fitting exercise in when you can. This is time you are making for yourself, to improve your physical and mental well-being so make the most of every minute.

Your first step to beginning your exercise routine is to evaluate your body, your experience and your current state of health. Always start with a trip to the doctor. Dr. Hessel is happy to help you find the right professionals to get you started on routine as well as a path to better health. Dr. Hessel and her staff can also help you set goals based on your current health and weight. Begin with goals that are clear, realistic, and concise. Do you want to lose weight? Lower your blood pressure? Run a 5k? Start low and go slow and you will become stronger and more capable by the day. So, what are you waiting for? Get up, make an appointment with Dr. Hessel and get moving. Make this your happiest, healthiest and most energetic year