Every mother looks forward to delivering a healthy baby and feeling well during her pregnancy. But sometimes a previous medical condition, or an issue that develops while you are carrying your baby, can mean you will need more prenatal care and closer monitoring by Dr. Barbara Hessel.

Some of the conditions that may need to be watched more closely include:

History of preterm labor, preterm delivery or miscarriage

High blood pressure before or during pregnancy

Mental illnesses like depression or bipolar disorder

Placenta complications

Severe, long-term vomitingA baby that is growing too slowly

A genetic or physical problem in the baby

Carrying more than one baby (like twins or triplets)

A very young or older-than-average mom (teenage and over age 35 mothers)

Other medical problems such as asthma, lupus, thyroid problems or epilepsy

How Will Dr. Hessel Care For You?

If Dr. Hessel feels that you need more frequent prenatal care, you can feel comfortable knowing that you and your baby will be closely monitored. This may mean more frequent ultrasounds and measuring of the baby to see how he or she is growing, checking your vital signs more often or referring you to a nutritionist, mental health counselor or other medical professional as needed.

When it’s time to meet your baby, you’ll deliver at Long Island Jewish University Hospital, where a team of trained nurses, nursery staff and Dr. Hessel will be helping you every step of the way. From natural delivery to planned C-sections and everything in between, you will receive the most advanced care possible as we team with you with the same goal: healthy baby and healthy you.