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We can talk about causes and medical topics in a bit, but right now it’s a great time to recognize June as World Fertility Month.  Originally designed to help policy makers, healthcare leaders and patient advocates actively engage in activities that support infertility research and developments, it has reached far from the United States and spread across the globe.  As a worldwide event leaders could use this time to focus attention on the reproductive issues of men and women of their own countries and communities.

There’s no set of specific events or rules that have to be in place for a fertility month event. Want to do one on your own? There’s no reason that you can’t. There are a lot of ways you can get involved and your ideas can be as large or as small as you like. The American Fertility Association has a lot of great resources related to infertility and education on the issue but you don’t have to get quite so scholarly if you don’t want to. Maybe you are a couple who has struggled with fertility problems and just want to share your experience with others or perhaps you’re passionate about sharing your support of specific legislation on the issue—either way, team up with someone or stand on your own and speak up about infertility.

Here are some great ways you can get involved:

  • If you feel like going solo, maybe you’d like to write a blog post or video blog about fertility. Share your post on social media outlets so thousands will hear your story.
  • Holding an event in your community is another great way to be involved. Consider setting up a walk to raise awareness, or ask your local library if you can set up a table with brochures and posters on the topic. Leave it up for the month.
  • Get together with other men, women and couples who have struggled with infertility and just have a nice meal. Talk about the feelings, emotions and hopes you have for the topic and just give each other support.
  • Make a call to your legislator and let them know your support or opposition to any legislation that may affect fertility treatments or research in the future.

From Zimbabwe to New Zealand and back to the U.S. A. infertility is a common and frustrating struggle. We welcome you to use this time to share your experiences and let others know they are not alone in this journey.