bikini girls jumping in the airI know the blog has been quiet for a while. Sorry about that. But chin up. We’re back and you  have probably noticed that we have a newly designed website and with that we are so excited to offer you some new services, too.

So What’s New?

Starting in February we will be bringing the new LILa Strawberry Laser to the practice. The LILa laser is a painless body contouring laser that can help you permanently lose up to two dress sizes by helping break down fat deposits. Assuming of course, that you practice a healthy lifestyle to keep it away.

While the LILa laser is available for use on men and women alike (and we are happy to see men)—you know we are an obstetrics office and we see a lot of new moms and women of all ages who have a few places they’d like to see reshaped.

There’s not always time for exercise– or you do it and that one spot on your belly or thighs just won’t firm up. Maybe your arms are still swinging after months of lifting weights. We know how it is, and we are ready to help you discover the body you’ve been hoping for. Of course the LILa laser works best for those of you who eat right and exercise so keep that in mind.

How Does LILa Work?

The LILa Stawberry laser takes just 10 minutes per session and works by stimulating the body’s fat cells to break down stored fatty acids. Your body moves these substances out of the cells and to other areas of the body for filtering and removal. The laser doesn’t destroy your fat cells, but instead shrinks them and pulls out all the stuff that makes them puffy in the first place. In fact, it’s just like your body’s natural fat loss process—just cranked up a notch.

LILa is safe for surrounding tissues too and never damages nerves, blood vessels or other structures of the skin. And did we mention you won’t feel a thing? 10 minutes, no pain and a slimmer waistline? Yes, please.

How Can I Schedule a LILa Consultation?

Just give us a call. We are offering great discounts on sessions or you can stop in for just one and see how it goes. Either way, we look forward to being your cool laser sculpting specialists.