vitamins could benefit before conception

Planning ahead could help mothers lower pregnancy complications

Increase your pregnancy know-how

If you are thinking of having a baby, now is the time to start preparing your body for the months ahead.  Because as many as 60% of all pregnancies happen by surprise, there’s never a more important time to build your body’s pregnancy-supporting stores of vitamins and minerals.  Long valued for their ability to prevent neural tube defects, many women are aware of the benefits of taking B vitamins, especially folic acid– before a pregnancy occurs.  Now researchers are detecting even more benefits of calcium, B vitamins, zinc, C and E—and when all rolled into one, the positive aspects of the multivitamin for women of a child bearing age are evident.

In a recent study, Danish women were evaluated based on their vitamin use and pregnancy complications like the delivery of a preterm baby, having a baby with a low birth weight despite being carried to term, and those born with a neural tube defect like Spina Bifida.  The results were impressive.  For women who took a multivitamin a few weeks before conception and then for the weeks after getting pregnant, there was a 33% reduction in babies born with a low birth weight, and there were other dramatic drops in other risk factors.

You can take steps to bring your baby into the world healthy. Whether you are pregnant now,or just beginning to think about the possibility, start taking a vitamin for benefits today and tomorrow.  The benefits of calcium and vitamin D will help bone development now and will also benefit your body when your children are having children of their own.

Researchers have found no dangers, side effects, or draw backs to the use of multivitamins in women of child bearing age. Their use is encouraged before conception and until your doctor prescribes your prenatal vitamins once you get pregnant.

If you are fortunate enough to do some planning before you see two pink lines on the stick, it’s a good idea to stop in and see Dr. Hessel for pre-conception counseling.  This special evaluation by Dr. Hessel can help you prepare your body for pregnancy—giving you and your baby the best possible outcomes.  Counseling can help identify any potential genetic or inherited complications, as well as physical challenges that you may have—and help you find ways to manage them.  Dr. Hessel is available to see you—schedule your evaluation today.