fetal loss can be heartbreaking and mysterious

The causes of fetal loss can be complex.

It’s a medical condition that can get pretty complicated, really fast.  Recurrent fetal loss is a fancy way of saying “multiple miscarriages back-to-back”.  For those women who have had to live through it, it has another name: heartbreak.  Because the process of human reproduction is much more complex than for any other being on the planet, it is expected that there will be complications from time to time.

When an egg is fertilized, it makes its way down to the fluffy, blood-filled uterine lining that will become its source of food and happy home for the next 40 weeks. Unfortunately in the case of a fetal loss, something goes wrong—maybe not immediately, though the majority of losses happen before the 12th week of pregnancy—and the baby isn’t able to survive in its surroundings.

Because researchers are continuing to study a variety of causes, there is no one cookie-cutter answer for women.   There may be an anatomic or physical problem with mom’s reproductive system, or other complication related to hormones, the immune system or even genetics that will not allow a pregnancy to thrive.

Most health care professionals consider multiple fetal losses to be more than three, but this number is somewhat debated and some physicians consider two or more to qualify.  It is estimated that 15% of all known pregnancies end in a miscarriage but other studies estimate the rate to be double that number—at around 30% of all pregnancies, keeping in mind that not everyone had  a positive pregnancy test.

Managing the heartache and mystery of multiple fetal loss

Fetal loss is an emotional, difficult process for any family to go through.  With so many questions and unknowns, finding answers can feel like a long, frustrating road.  Each case must be analyzed and treated individually—because no two women are alike, it’s essential that you see a caring, trusted professional like Dr. Hessel.  Being able to work with a doctor who understands you and who will follow your case and strive to find answers that could lead you to a successful pregnancy is the key to moving forward.  Dr. Hessel is here to help you make sense of your situation.  If you have suffered multiple losses and feel as though there is nowhere left to turn, turn here.  Make an appointment today and speak with Dr.Hessel.