Mind Games: Preparing for Labor’s Mental Challenges

Mind Games: Preparing for Labor’s Mental Challenges

mental challenges of labor

Preparing for the mental challenges of labor means having a great coach, and trying to stay positive.

If I could tell you how many women get to 8 centimeters and yell “I can’t do this!” I would really try, because the number is huge.  There’s something that happens in those last minutes (or hours, or days) of labor that makes just about every woman question their resolve and ability to deliver their baby. If you have ever had a baby you may know well about the mental challenges of labor. If you are new to it, don’t worry because one fact is sure: many women have overcome and you can as well.  Your bags are packed and the crib is ready so now it’s time for you to prepare yourself for this momentous day–the birth of your baby. Thankfully there are a few ways you can help  prepare yourself for the many mental challenges labor will bring so you can enjoying this special time. Here are a few tips to help you get mentally prepared for the momentous day! (more…)

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