Are You Off Schedule? Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Pay attention to abnormal vaginal bleeding

Since puberty, we have learned to deal with it – we have to, we are women. We know the routine, we recognize the signs and symptoms month after month, and we have a shelf full of pads and tampons of all shapes and sizes. Menstruation is a normal, healthy, and necessary function of the female body that women experience for a about half their life. But abnormal vaginal bleeding can throw even the most prepared and scheduled woman for a loop. (more…)

Birth Control Woes? Consider an IUD

An IUD is safe, effective and so easy

Do you have kids – one, two or even three? Maybe your family is complete – or perhaps you are on the fence about adding another child. Not now, but maybe someday…your life is crazy enough as it is. There is good news for women like you – it’s called an IUD. IUD stands for intrauterine device, it is a safe and virtually worry-free birth control – and it is 99% effective. An IUD is an easily reversible form of birth control that can last from 5 to 10 years. Are you a good candidate for an IUD? (more…)

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