Healthy fats linked to reduction in autism

Healthy fats linked to reduction in autism

vitamins could benefit before conception

The great mystery behind autism, and what causes it remain unclear. But ask any mom-to-be if she’s interested in preventing it, and she will say yes.  While all data has it’s flaws, the information released by the Harvard School of Public Health shows a serious drop in autism rates for women who boosted their diet with healthy fats during pregnancy. Notice I said healthy fats. Not Doritos and Ho-Ho’s. (Do they still make Ho-Ho’s? I don’t think so…) Healthy fats are foods that are high in omega-6 vitamins, also called linoleic acid. The vitamin is found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds and could pack a healthy punch for your baby. The study showed that women who ate foods high in omega 6’s were 34% less likely to have a baby with autism compared to women who did not eat as much of them. (more…)

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