Recognize and Fight Symptoms of Post Partum Depression

Recognize and Fight Symptoms of Post Partum Depression

Having a baby should bring about feelings of joy, fulfillment, and maybe even a little bit of apprehension.  It’s normal to be uncertain of what your days will be like after parenthood comes to stay, but for some women there are much deeper, much darker emotions that rear their ugly head in the days following child birth that can be difficult to handle without help.

Ten to fifteen percent of women have some form of post-partum depression in the month following delivery of a baby. While symptoms can vary from mild to severe, it can inhibit bonding between mother and baby. Triggered by the sudden drop in maternal hormones after delivery, post-partum depression can take many women by surprise. Starting as early as a day or two after birth or as late as several months afterward, being able to recognize the warning signs can stop the cycle before it becomes more serious. (more…)

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