Pregnant?  Protect Yourself and Your Baby from Infectious Disease

Pregnant? Protect Yourself and Your Baby from Infectious Disease

Keep your baby safe from infectious diseases

Infectious diseases can hit close to home

There are certain things every pregnant woman must do – some are no-brainers and some are more complex. You do everything possible to protect your unborn baby – you give up alcohol, high heeled shoes, sit ups, and certain medicines. But what do you do about infectious diseases? The name alone – infectious disease – is intimidating, it makes you think of something you would get while visiting a remote jungle  (something you would probably not do while pregnant). The truth is, infectious diseases are common and pose a risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies everywhere. (more…)

Are You Off Schedule? Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Pay attention to abnormal vaginal bleeding

Since puberty, we have learned to deal with it – we have to, we are women. We know the routine, we recognize the signs and symptoms month after month, and we have a shelf full of pads and tampons of all shapes and sizes. Menstruation is a normal, healthy, and necessary function of the female body that women experience for a about half their life. But abnormal vaginal bleeding can throw even the most prepared and scheduled woman for a loop. (more…)