Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy, Part 1

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy, Part 1

This guest post is written by Kelley Ward, PhD., RN,C.

You were probably diagnosed with type 1 diabetes years ago. By now, you know how to manage your blood sugar, count your carbohydrates, and take care of your eyes and kidneys. If you are confident that you can control your diabetes and you are thinking about starting a family there are some things you should know about managing the condition during pregnancy and some things you should think about before you get pregnant.
Managing a pregnancy complicated by type 1 diabetes is a lot easier today than it was just a few years ago. Just 10 years ago, the medical community warned many women with type 1 diabetes not to get pregnant because of the risks to the mother and baby. Thankfully, today we know more about how to manage diabetes during pregnancy so women with type 1 diabetes can have healthy pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Here are tips on how to manage type 1 diabetes during pregnancy. (more…)

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