Worksite wellness is all the rage these days, and you may have already been exposed to one. Worksite wellness (also called corporate wellness) is your employer’s way of getting you healthy and saving money for the company. It may feel like it’s a bit manipulative, but can you blame your boss?

They want you to live healthier, lose weight, stop smoking and exercise to reduce your risk of illness that ultimately, drive up insurance premiums for the company. And honestly, there’s plenty in it for you as well. You get healthy with the support and tools of the professionals and find accountability with your coworkers.

If you don’t have a work wellness program, talk to your bosses about getting one started. I’m sure they will be willing to listen–especially when you feature all of the benefits. Be sure to offer some great ways to get moving, too. Here are a few to consider:

  • Start a walking club during lunch or on breaks
  • Encourage a smoke-free workplace
  • Dress up the stairwells for walking
  • This one’s funny–start meetings with a stretch and a “relaxation” break in the middle
  • Download and share teaching pamphlets or educational materials on weight loss, smoking and healthy eating
  • Develop an indoor map that shows distances so employees can keep track of how far they walk

Employees who have a worksite wellness program are happier, healthier and leave their job less often than those who don’t. Simple programs that remind everyone to wash their hands (only 5% actually wash well enough to remove germs, yuck!) can keep employees from calling in sick and improve overall work flow.

You can be a big part of getting  a worksite wellness program in place. If you have a few friends who are interested in joining up, form a committee and present your information then build on support and encouragement to get healthy.