Barre3Every day, we face challenges to our health. Whether we choose the burger or the salad while we bounce from place to place, or flop down on the couch instead of taking a walk–all of these choices will influence our health. If you are anything like me, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get up and get going sometimes. That’s why I love the convenience of online workouts. Available through your phone, tablet, or computer you can workout anywhere you have a connection, on your schedule without the hassle (or cost) of a gym.

Check out these fabulous five online programs and why we think they’re great.

1. Barre3Their slogan says “Where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates” and this group of toned men and women really know how to bring it. Using a combination of controlled, small movements, you’ll test your body’s strength and build muscle mass without building bulk. Online videos range from 10-60 minutes and can be filtered to target your problem zones. They even offer prenatal workouts.

Who is it good for: Anyone looking for low impact exercise and strengthening. Great for toning, and when combined with a healthy diet, it’s great for weight loss. If you prefer to do it in person, see if there’s a gym near you. They have several across the country.

What’s it cost? Monthly memberships start at $15 per month for unlimited videos. Cancel anytime.

2.  Daily Burn:Designed with variety in mind, the masters behind Daily Burn offer something for everyone. Take advantage of their 30 day free trial and enjoy their full library of videos that range from yoga and pilates to cardio, aerobics and more.

Who is it good for: With just about something for everyone, it’s open to a broad audience but it’s really good for those who get bored with workout videos over time.

What’s it cost? Free for the first month, then $14.99.

3. YouTube No that’s not a mistake. YouTube is a great resource for fitness videos and training you can do for free. Check out BeFit for free, high quality programs like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and more. FitnessBlender offers everything from kettlebells to cardio for all fitness levels and adds new videos every week.

Who is it good for: Anyone interested in getting a great workout on a budget. (Isn’t that all of us?)

What’s it cost? Nothing but an internet connection.

4. Jillian Michaels Made famous by her time on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels knows how to whip saggy, slouching folks into shape. A drill sergeant with a heart, she’s sure to whip you every which way but up and give you solid results. Jillian’s website is an all inclusive package including fitness videos, meal plans, and even a smartphone app to keep you on track.

Who is it good for: Anyone interested in getting fit, especially those looking to lose a significant amount of weight.

What’s it cost: $16 per month, billed every three months.