Most Women Aged 64 To 66 Years May Need To Continue Cervical Cancer Screening, Study Finds Cancer Therapy Advisor (6/25, Bennett) reported that “most women aged 64 to 66 years may not meet requirements that would allow them to forgo cervical cancer screening, according to a study.” The findings were published in Gynecologic Oncology June 03, 2021.

 The majority of women aged 64–66 do not meet criteria to discontinue cervical cancer screening.

  • Findings were similar in a national cohort with private insurance and a safety net hospital system.


  • Even among women with 10 years of continuous insurance coverage, 41.5% did not qualify to exit screening.


  • Most women were inadequately screened between ages 55 and 65 years.


  • Ensuring adequate screening prior to age 65 may decrease preventable cancers in women over age 65.

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