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Finish Strong with a Full-term Pregnancy

Let’s face it, that last month of pregnancy is a tough one. When you hear full-term, it seems years away. Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster – your ankles are swollen, your back aches, and you get winded folding laundry. No doubt, you are ready to meet your baby. I don’t blame you, the discomforts of pregnancy are rough. But as uncomfortable as you might be, these last weeks are the most important for the development and health of a full-term baby. A full-term pregnancy is considered anywhere from 37 – 42 weeks. And within that range, your baby will become more full-term and fully developed each day. Full-term is when a baby can be born and most likely be just fine, without the help of machines or feeding tubes. You might be ready to meet that baby a few weeks early, but don’t rush it – he or she needs every minute they can get in the womb to be healthy and strong.

A full-term baby is worth the wait

Pregnancy is a normal, well timed process. Ideally, your body will take action when it reaches full-term and you will have a healthy, full-term baby. There are times when the mother or baby is at risk, and an induction or c-section is required to deliver before full-term. These should be reserved for medical emergencies or health problems. Elective c-sections are another story. Our society seems to cherish convenience, organization, and doing things with less mess and less stress. While it is true that 1 in 3 births are by c-section, those should be for the medically necessary. An early birth – due to induction, c-section, or other – can steal valuable time away from a baby that would be better off if allowed to be born full-term. In the ninth month, your baby will gain 1/2 pound or more a week and start getting ready for birth. Full-term begins at 37 weeks but a 37 week old fetus is still growing and developing. Most likely, their lungs will be strong enough to work on their own, but the more time spent in the womb the better. They are sucking their thumbs, their skin and bones are getting stronger, their eyes and muscles are strengthening each day. When a baby is full-term, they are ready and willing to enter this world with that big, healthy cry every mother wants to hear. Sit back and relax as much as you can and enjoy the last few weeks and days of your pregnancy – your life will be very busy once that bundle of joy arrives. Depend on your doctor to keep everyone healthy and happy and when the time is right – your baby will be here. A full-term baby is a healthy baby, do all you can to make it happen. Call Dr. Hessel today. She will walk you through all the stages of pregnancy and what they mean to both you and your baby.