Urinary incontinence and bladder control problems are much more common than you may think. They also affect women of all ages. Many women avoid telling their doctor because they are embarrassed. They don’t realize just how treatable they are. But with the care of an understanding, sensitive, compassionate and skilled doctor like Barbara Hessel, MD, FACOG, a leaky bladder can be repaired comfortably and effectively.

Many women have relaxed muscles and structures around their pelvic organs. Whether you have frequent urges or you leak, you know how embarrassed you feel. You may avoid social events or your favorite activities.

Bladder problems can be caused by aging, disease, body defects and even some prescription medications. Dr. Hessel uses advanced tests to find the cause of your problem. She will look at the most effective solutions first. If you need more help, she might recommend a procedure to support your bladder and help prevent accidental leakage.Dr. Hessel conveniently offers in-office urodynamic testing for an accurate diagnosis and assessment of bladder function and efficiency. Urodynamic testing may vary from patient to patient and actually measures the amount of urine passed and the rate at which the bladder empties. Most urodynamic tests are relatively simple and can be performed in Dr. Hessel’s office. She may recommend urodynamic testing if you have moderate to severe involuntary release of urine, if other tests fail to determine the cause of your incontinence or if Dr. Hessel suspects more than one cause for your incontinence. She may also conduct this test if your are considering surgery.

So stop living with embarrassment and anxiety over urinary incontinence. There’s a great chance Dr. Hessel can correct your bladder problem with one of several treatment options.

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