What is a well woman exam?

Your well woman exam (sometimes called a yearly or annual exam) focuses on preventing illness or problems only. During this visit, Dr. Hessel will counsel you about your overall health, current birth control, sexual practices, and refill appropriate medications.

Your physical examination will include:

  • Height and weight
  • Body mass index
  • Blood pressure
  • Abdominal exam
  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam (this is not a Pap smear)

Well woman exams are not scheduled or intended to discuss, diagnose or treat problems or health complaints. If you have a health or reproductive problem that is discussed or treated during your appointment, your care is no longer a well woman visit and no longer free under the Affordable Care Act. Your insurance will be billed for services and a copay or deductible will need to be collected according to your plan’s requirements.

If you have a health or reproductive problem you want to discuss, please tell our receptionist so she can schedule a separate appointment.

Is my well woman exam different than an annual physical with my family doctor?

 No. Make sure before you come in for your annual well woman exam that your primary doctor or family doctor hasn’t billed your insurance for your annual exam already. If you have seen your family doctor for a checkup and he or she completed any of the information listed above, you may not be eligible for another exam and would incur an additional copay and/or deductible payment for care in our office.