23 05, 2019

Understanding Preeclampsia

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Learn about preeclampsia to keep you and your baby safe. A healthy pregnancy is at the top of every mom’s birth plan.  Sometimes though, your body may have other ideas.  Preeclampsia, which is sometimes called toxemia, is a condition that no mother can plan for or prevent.  Preeclampsia combines high [...]

24 10, 2014

Younger women freezing eggs for later–but is it wise?

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Let’s face it–today’s woman has her eyes set on the prize.  It  might be a new or higher-ranking job, extended travel, or a life of leisure having babies isn’t anywhere on the achievement itinerary. In fact, a recent article published in the New York Times reports that women are delaying families even longer thanks to [...]

9 06, 2014

Newborn Car Seat Safety Tips

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Around here, we’re all about helping families experience a safe and healthy transition into parenthood. We love babies, and bringing them into the world is a great part of what we do–and we care about their safety. And one of the best ways to keep your newborn safe is with a properly installed infant car [...]

28 05, 2014

Exercise Shows Benefit in Reducing Risk for Type 2 Diabetes after Gestational

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Women who develop gestational diabetes have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. In fact, about 1/3 of women who develop diabetes during pregnancy will go on to develop the condition again–but you may be able to cut your risk. Before we dive in to all the nitty gritty, let’s take [...]

20 02, 2014

Healthcare Leaders Say Be Patient with C-Sections

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Every woman who has had a baby has a birth story to share. One of the most common questions women ask is “How long were you in labor?” For some women, it seemed like they sneezed and welcomed their babies. Other women toiled for hours–days–and endured induction procedures, Pitocin, and Foley catheter cervical ripening then [...]

7 02, 2014

Are Womb Transplants the Fertility Future?

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It may sound like something from a science fiction film, but more and more women are turning to a new and still preliminary option for preserving fertility—womb transplants. As in, a transplanted uterus. Performed mostly in Europe, the procedure is making news after nine women in Sweden  received donor wombs to try to become pregnant. [...]